Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mystrery photos added

The picture of the right was taken in Muncie, Indiana in 1905...but who is it?   This is an example of some of the new pictures I have added to the Photo Album of unknown pictures.
These pictures were important to some family many years ago and I would like to give pictures back to them.  Some of the pictures are 80-100 years old.  Please contact me with any questions or comments at

Friday, June 17, 2011

Where was this taken

This picture was in the Langdon Bible.  Rev. & Mrs. Langdon moved to Muncie in 1869.  Who are these people and where was the picture taken?

Old Mishawaka Church

Do you recognize this Free Methodist church?  It was dedicated on 15 November 1903 and stood on the corner of Grove and Chestnut Streets in Mishawaka, Indiana.
I am looking for soemone who knows of the church so this photo can find a home. 
Here is the congregation in front of the church.  Photo was taken the same day.  I also have a Dedicatory program, if anyone might be interested.

Fascinating video

Marble tombstones

Most intersting video showing process of creating marble headstones.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Genealogy Search Help

which helps you run targeted genealogical Google searches
Get the Best Genealogy Searches for Google by Using Your Family Tree

This free genealogy site will help you use Google™ for your research. It will create a series of different searches using tips or "tricks" that will likely improve your results. The different searches will give you many different ways of using Google to find ancestry information on the Internet.
Just complete the small family tree on the above link for an ancestor and this site will set up the best searches for you, based on what you enter. Tip: If you don't know an ancestor's parents, but know one of the ancestor's children, use the child's name for the First Name and Last Name below (and spouse, birth, and death) and then enter the ancestor as the Father or Mother. This gives more information for building a search.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great new FREE resource

If you go to the New York Times site, you can enter your search terms in the bar near the top of the page and select whether you want to search articles since 1981 or before 1981. Once you have your results, you can select the Advanced option to limit your search to specific dates. The stories are downloadable as PDF documents. (If you happen across articles that aren't in the free years, they're $4.95 each, or you can get a monthly pass for $7.95 that allows 100 story downloads.)
I used a couple of Indiana place names and found real gold...many surnames, too. Try it.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Free Motality Schedules Online

Search Online Mortality Schedules for Free
Bill Cribbs, the man behind the free genealogy search engine site, has gathered hundreds of counties’ online transcribed mortality schedules and made them searchable at
For the 1850 through 1880 US censuses, enumerators recorded names of and other details about people who’d died within the past year. These mortality schedules may be the only death record for some people, especially in states that didn’t require recording of deaths until later. You can browse by state or search on one or more keywords, such as a name or place. (If you want matches to contain more than one keyword, select “Find all words” from the dropdown menu.) When you click on a match, you'll be taken to the Web site that stores the transcribed records. What you see varies depending how the data was transcribed and digitized. You may get a chart or a text file listing a few details of deaths in that enumeration district, or you may get the whole shebang: the deceased’s age and marital status at death; death date, place and cause; birth date and place; physician’s name; parents’ birthplaces and more.

Friday, August 31, 2007

History of Delaware County

Delaware County is located sixty miles northeast of Indianapolis and is bounded by Grant and Blackford Counties on the north, Jay and Randolph Counties on the east, Henry County on the south and Madison County on the west. Since its organization in 1827, Delaware County has grown from a small Indian village to an important manufacturing center.Delaware County was named for the Delaware Indians, an Eastern tribe which was slowly pushed into Ohio and finally settled in east central Indiana during the 1770's. The Delaware Indians established several towns along the White River, among these Muncietown, near present day Muncie. In 1818, under the Treaty of St. Mary's Ohio the Delawares ceded their holdings in Indiana to the United States government and moved westward. In 1820, Delaware County was opened for settlement.

Beech Grove Cemetery

Beech Grove Cemetery is located in Muncie, Indiana. A municipal facility Beech Grove is supported by a combination of private and public dollars. The Cemetery is governed by a Board of Directors, appointed by the Muncie City Council. The current Superintendent is Mr. Tom Schnuck who has served since 1995.
I have several Langdon family members buried in Beech Grove Cemetery and the staff is very helpful in getting the information to me regarding the records. It is a very old cemetery and well maintained.

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